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NEXT November 2014 pg 56 20 years of breast cancer
In the past two decades, the treatment of breast cancer in New Zealand has improved drastically. But have we achieved enough, and what's it like to live with that dreaded diagnosis? by Emma Clifton, Denise Simmonns, Lea Devereux, Helena McAlpine, Leanne Malcolm reveal their stories. Also pg 61 Future Proof Improving the odds for the next generation of breast cancer survivors.

TheAustralianWomen's Weekly Oct 2014
The Great Breast Cancer Dilemma. "I wanted to feel whole again". by Caroline Overington. pg 56

The Australian Women's Weekly Oct 2013 pg 107
Do I need a mastectomy? Professor Kerryn Phelps tells us who should consider this drastic action. more info

The Australian Women's Weekly Oct 2013 pg 102
Breast Cancer : What it feels like to watch your wife suffer " I FELT SO POWERLESS " Peter Calder an Auckland writer and journalist discusses his struggle with the emotions that engulfed him. He has written a book called She's got breast cancer -a book for men.
Available from NZBCF ph 0800 226 8773

NZ Woman's Weekly 27th May 2013
Angelina's double mastectomy "My brave choice" NZWW.
A Professional Opinion by Belinda Scott-breast surgeon pg15

Time 27.5.2013 The Anglina Effect
Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy puts genetic testing in the spotlight. What her choice reveals about calculating risk, cost and oeace of mind. By Jeffrey Klugeer and Alice Park. Four page report.

TIME 1.4.2013 How to cure cancer- Yes it's now possible to new cancer dream teams that are delivering better results faster by Bill Saporito pg20 A team based, cross disciplinary approach to cancer research is upending tradition and delivering results faster. The Conspiaracy to End Cancer. The hero scientist who defaets cancer will likely never exist. pg 22-27

NZ Woman's Weekly 14.1.2013
Kiwi Real-Life Read "My cancer saved Mum's life" pg28
Cushla Williams(36) diagnosis of breast cancer prompts her mother Jean Hedges (61) to have a mammogram. She too has BC.

Good issue 25 July/August 2012
Non toxic beauty & the nasties to avoid.
In pursuit of beauty words Sarah Heeringa .Discusses what compounds are found in cosmetics such as tricosan, petroleum distillates , preservatives, endocrine distuptors, Dioxane, Sodium laureth sulfate, lead and mercury. Things all modern women should know.

New Idea 23rd Jan 2012
Dont take life for granted-
in memory of Natalie Murphy.

Time:  Heath & Science Dec 2011
Decoding Breast Cancer.

A gene test lets some patients with early tumors skip radiation by Alice Park. Sources; San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Pink magazine Spring /Summer issue 2010  supporting breast cancer research and education in NZ editor Annah Stretton
This magazine is registered with Natioanal library ISBN 1177-3103

Next Oct 2010
Breast Cancer special report We can beat this!
What's best for breasts Dr Libby Weaver explains the role of oestrogen, plastics etc. Close to Home Breast surgeon Isaac Cranshaw and his wife Nicky tell of their journey through her diagnosis, treatment and recovery : also A letter to my friend and Crown of courage inspiratioanal stories.

Sunday Magazine of Sunday Star Times Oct 3rd 2010
Stand by me by Megan  Nicol Reed -talks with Amanda Colquhoun and her friends and family.

North & South Oct 2010
Is Breast cancer hogging the charity dollar?
Chasing the pink dollar : Stacey Anyan investigates pg 60

New Idea June 28th 2010
Cancer Survivors How we ran for our lives
by Trudie McConnochie These courageous ladies took on two of their greatest challenges ever.-having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Jodie Scantlebury 43 and Judith Ansell 53 " conquer the 5164 steps of great wall of China"

Time April 12th 2010 Special Report: Environment Why plastics present a health danger pg 30 The perils of plastic by Brian Walsh : It's obvious that the (chemical regulation) system doesn't work. We can't permit this assault on our children's health-and our own health -to continue" New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenburg

Time  Dec7th 2009
The Mammogram Melee
why the furor over new screening guidelines in the USA could be a sign of things to come By Alice Park and Kate Picket

Next Nov 2009
BC issue:
Nic's story why I had two healthy breasts removed.

PINK MAGAZINE Spring/Summer 2009 supporting BC research and education in NZ.  Features: the faces of victory celebrities fighting breast cancer; nipple tattoo -the last step

TIME Magazine 14th Sept 09 A shot at cancer: by Alice Park Article Looks at past, present, and future of treatment, theraphy and regimes.

NZ Listener Jan 3-9 January 09 Chemical reaction by Susan Tomlinson pg 34 NZ fruit, vegetables and sports fields are regularly sprayed with chemicals that have been banned around the world. What are they doing to our health? 
PINK Magazine  Spring/Summer 08 issue--supporting breast cancer research and education in NZ

 Fitness Life - Women's Health Breast Cancer Scientific Evidence ---Prevention is possible Issue 39  Nov 2008

NZ Woman's Weekly 1st Sept 08 pg 14 Christina's Double Mastectomy-Actress Christina Applegate's brave decision by Vicky Tyler

Pink Magazine Spring/Summer 2007 supporting breast cancer research and education in NZ

Time oct 15th 2007 pg21 Why Breast Cancer is spreading around the world. Special report The changing face of Breast Cancer by Kathleen Kingsbury.

pg 26 Breast Cancer Basics. Diagnosis and treatment keep changing. Here's what you need to know now by Alice Park

NZ Woman's Weekly 11th June 2007 April's fight against cancer pg 10 My Mum's brave battle against cancer. April Ieremia reveals the diagnosis behind her choice of charity-NZBCF by Sharon Course

Pink Magazine April 2007 supporting breast cancer research and education in NZ

NZ Woman's Weekly 19th March Breast Cancer Battle TOPP TWINS: "The fight of our lives"

Time  Dec 11th pg 67 A New Breast Cancer Test -how to tell a benign lump from cancer without a biopsy Dr GUPTA Podcast on

Next  Breast Cancer special report Nov 2006 includes NZBCF booklet

Pink Magazine 2006 Spring/Summer edition Breast Health Section awareness education updates. Journeys, calendar, herceptin, lymphoedema  $1.20 from Every magazine sale goes to Breast Cancer initiatives.

Healthy Options October 06 Breast care -thermography update

NZ Listener Aug 19-25th 06 Breast Cancer -The truth behind our rising rate and good news about treatment by Sarah Barnett

North and South August 2006 pg 60 Pharmac Fronts Up -The $30 Million Cancer Question--Making the medicine go down by Mike White

Organic NZ July August 06 Our new Reality Life in the 21st century Part One Hormones in the environment. Written by Sue Claridge science writer.

NZ Women's Weekly 24 July 06 I took my life for granted It was early detection of breast cancer that saved Kylie Minogue. Now she feels luckier then ever to be back in the spotlight. There's a misconception it doesn't affect young women.It's not true.

Pink Magazine 2006 Autumn/Winter edition Breast Health Section read about Busting with Life -oars for the cause, the Herceptin debate .
$1 from Every magazine sale goes to Breast Cancer initiatives.eds: Sue Giddens and Andre Kini .pub: The Workroom NZ Ltd PO.Box 56703 Dominion Rd Auckland. Next issue Oct 2006.

Organic NZ Jan/Feb 2006 HEALTH  pg 8&9 Breast Cancer or BO? The big stink over parabans underarm deodorants and breast cancer- is it just internet and media hype by Sue Claridge.
pg10/11 Alison Roe Trust backs Organics and alternative breast cancer moves.Government moves against natural remedies are Alison's new worry

Pink magazine 2005 Spring/Summer edition Read and keep Breast Health section-the knowledge every woman has a right to own.

Next  Breast Cancer special report Nov 2005 Share knowledge spread hope pages 125 -170

New Zealand Women's Weekly 17th Oct Real Life Kiwi man's breast Cancer battle. Im a man and Ive had breast cancer Evan wants men to be aware that they too can get breast cancer story by Donna Fleming pg 28

New Idea Oct 8th Breast Cancer Special Osbourne cancer curse haunts Sharon. Why Im not scared to show my scars. How star's cancer battles inspire sufferers.

The Australian Women's Weekly NZ edition Oct 2005  Living Legacy : meet three generations of women who have inherited the same breast cancer gene.

She triwoman Sept 05 Cate's Race Cancer and a brain tumour couldn't stop this triathlete'e fighting spirit by Hannah Dickson.  A remarkable story about Cate Carden aged 32 who has breast cancer. Cates story was aired on TV3 Campbell Live at 7pm Wed 28th Sept

Next Nov 2004 Breast Cancer Special Report an update on the latest research and treatments, plus inspirational stories by Jenna Moore

Metro Oct 2004 Allison Roe's battle with the breast cancer establishment pg 68 Why our breast cancer figures are so bad. by Matt Philp

Investigate vol 4issue 46 Oct 2004 Profile Alison Roe on Charities pg 66 by Leanne Warr

Australian Women's Weekly Oct 2004 Survivors talk about Breast Cancer pg 90 The Mother - Sian Coppard, The Bride- Michelle Cole, The Grandmother- Sue Ryan, plus breast cancer -The Facts by Sarah Henry.

Organic NZ Sept-Oct 2004 Breast Cancer Organic- fed celebrities fuel new moves  Champion athlete and businesswoman Alison Roe believes time has come for a new approach to breast cancer. pg 10 by Katie Baddock

NZ Listener July 23-Aug 6th 2004 The hidden signs of cancer 20, 30, 40, 50, 60+ What to look for at... Pg 14 The Big Bruce Ansley

Women's Day  26th April 2004 pg 20 Koo Stark's radical breast cancer cure by Rachel Sharp /Now/PC Syndication. Prince Andrew's ex tells how she bravely battled the disease.

NZ Women's Weekly 5th April 2004 Bras for art's sake A Christchurch artist is finding a good use for second -hand bras. Send bras to Lynne Lambert PO Box 2874 Christchurch NZ name supporter or survivor.

Healthy Options March 2004 Take Action You can avoid Breast Cancer :Stop Breast Cancer before it stops you pg 11 by Karin de la Rey It is more logical to get to the causes of the disease, rather than wait for detection and treatment.

Menopause herbal advice HRT is history pg 42 by Noeline Jonkers

Women's Day Oct 20th 2003 Breast Cancer Special Inspirational stories of survival

Next Oct 2003  Breast Cancer Special Report

Nexus  Aug-Sep 2003  pg 17 Cancer : the shock factor The new medicine of Dr Hamer . According to Dr Hamer, the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared. Written by Walter Last

NZ Women's Weekly 31st March 2003. pg 22 Breast Cancer doesn't have to mean a death sentence-we're living proof
Four breast cancer survivors tell their experience

Healthy Options March 2003  pg 10 by Kimberley Paterson Allison Roe promotes breast cancer prevention
Allison Roe a busy mother of two, a dedicated business women .......sinks even more energy into two huge run events to raise money for breast cancer .--ASB Step  ahead for breast cancer. Funds to Breast Cancer Foundation's Community Health workshops.

Time Dec 23rd 2002 The New Carcinogens pg 63 by Sora Song. Last week, the US government added steroidal estrogen -like the kind used in Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills to it's list of known carcinogens"

Next Nov 2002 Breast Cancer Special pg 78-125 by Jenna Moore Next Beauty Editor

Healthy Options October 2002 Safe, no risk breast testing Thermography - new to NZ by Karin de la Rey  pg 8 and Cancer Checklist by Janice Ann Priest pg 11

Next October 2002 Should you stay on HRT? The scare over hormone replacement Treatment. what should you do? by Wendy Colville pg 68

HEALTHY OPTIONS September 2002 issue Easy Steps Avoid Breast Cancer .Steps to take to minimise our risk to Breast Cancer presented as Stop and Go practices and the Reasons for doing so. Poster presentation at World Conference on Breast Cancer Victoria Ca. 2002 by Sue McLeod pg 8

New Zealand Listener August 17-23 2002 issue The Change Hormone Replacement Therapy, used to combat symptoms of menopause as wellm as the effects and ageing, is now under scrutiny for its safety and effectiveness. What are women supposed to think? by Pamerla Stirling pg 18

Time July29th 2002 One Sweet Mess How a growth hormone made an improbable journey from waste of a drug company into pig feed- again proving how hard it is to regulate Europe's food chain by James Graff. ( Hormone is MPA used in pharmaceutical products for humans, pill and hormone replacement. The sows are made infertile)

Time July22nd 2002 Healer or Killer? Many menopausal women try hormone-replacement therapy to allleviate symptons and reduce bone loss and heart disease. But a major study calls it a cancer 44 The truth about hormones.. a large , federally funded study provides proof  that estrogen and progestin are not age-defying wonder drugs .  by Christine Gorman and Alice Park ( women with concerns are advised to see their Dr)

New Zealand Listener July 13-19 2002 issue "Skin deep" by Pamela Stirling Hair dyes and cosmetics are increasingly under scrutiny for their potentially harmful effects on our health. But one of the biggest problems for researchers is simply getting basic information about what is in the products. Also "Hair Today, Gone tomorrow" featuring Professor Lynn Ferguson.pg20 

CONSUMER issue 414 May 2002 " Breast cancer confusion" When should you have your first mammogram- at 40, at 50, or not at all? We look at the benefits and risks of screening and options if you're diagnosed with breast cancer.

NEXT - November 2001 issue- Breast Cancer Special pg74-106

HEALTHY OPTIONS Sept 2001 issue "Cancer & Milk? Professor Jane Plant cautions.."

ORGANIC NZ Sept/Oct 2001 issue "The Role of Natural Medicine in Conventional Cancer Treatment

She April 2001 issue "Extreme measures  " by Cathrin Schaer. ....New Zealand women with a high risk of cancer are having perfectly healthy breasts  removed to avoid this deadly disease. Is this radical surgery saving lives or simply cashing in on fear?

HEALTHY OPTIONS Dec-Jan 2001 issue "Breast Cancer- the cover up" by Sherill Sellman

SOIL & HEALTH Jan/Feb 2001 issue "Breast Cancer: Pink Ribbons Dont Help" by Chris Wheeler

NEXT  Nov 2000 " Every women's guide to BREAST CANCER" -Jeanna Moore's life-saving special report.

GRACE Nov 2000 " The Beauty Principal -an interview with Evelyn Lauder by Yvonne van Dongen




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